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Kenyatta International Conference Center, Conference Tourism in East Africa, Conferencing in Kenya, Nairobi Conferences, Nairobi Conference Center, Conferences at Kenyatta Conference Center, Kenyatta Conference Center Conferences, Kenyatta Conference Centre Facilities


The City of Nairobi
The Plenary Hall

Nairobi is a sprawling city, the metropolis of Kenya and the business centre for East and Central Africa. It is in this city that Africa’s most modern convention complex – The Kenyatta International Conference Centre, dominate the skyline. Two lane highways bustling with traffic, numerous shopping centres and markets, good security. International standard hotels and sophisticated entertainment in clean and evergreen surroundings add to its charm.

The plenary Hall ranks as one of the largest conference halls in the meetings/ convention industry. It caters to the giants in any field from International meetings and exhibitions to grand balls and receptions. The plenary Hall with 2444 square metres space can accommodate up to 4000 delegates or 3200 with tables, 2500 banquet persons and can host up to 5000 guests for a cocktail reception.

The plenary Hall is now famous as an exhibition centre. The plenary Hall is equipped with complete sound amplification and recording systems, interpretation booths with simultaneous language interpretation by wireless system up to six languages. Two observer galleries are also ideal for the press and journalists.

Conference halls 2 &3 are located on the lower ground level, immediately beneath the plenary sessions hall. Conference hall 2 has an area of 355 square metres and can accommodate 250 tables and 350 in rows. Hall 3 has an area of 295 square metres and can take 200 tables and 300 in rows. Modification is in progress to make the dividing wall between hall 2 &3 removal so as to provide one large meeting facility when need. Committee meeting rooms are provided whilst there is a comfortable entrance lounge immediately adjacent to the halls, looking out upon a flowered water cascade. Coffee break services are comfortably served along this lounge.

Both conference halls are equipped halls are equipped with six language interpreters booths with simultaneous interpretation by wireless systems, public address, microphone and tape recording facilities.

Conference Rooms
The Amphitheatre
Approach to the Conference Center
Lounge Board Room

The mushroom-shaped Amphitheater represents the traditional conical African hut. The theatre seats 800 at tables on three balconies circling the main auditorium. The podium is on the centre balcony immediately above the entrance from the covered walkway leading at roof levels across the main link.

The centre has a full range of appropriate technical facilities and services:

  • A fully equipped press centre with telex and telephone exchange for communication throughout the world.
  • Post Office
  • Bank
  • Airline Terminal check
  • Travel and tours
  • Restaurants
  • Souvenir shops
  • Documents Distribution centre and Registration centres.
  • Health and clinical centre
  • Security and Police post
  • Parking space for 500 vehicles


Conference Hall 5 & 6
Conference Hall 5 & 6 are situated on the first floor level at the southern end of the Plenary Hall. Each hall accommodates 130 delegates in rows and 70 at tables. The central partition building from the two main entrances to the complex. Above the podium, which is admirably situated for the control set into the back wall. In the middle balcony, also lie simultaneous interpretation booths to which recording and public address systems are available, between the two halls can be removed providing one large room. Interpretation and recording facilities are provided by means of mobile interpreters’ booths plus portable tape recorders.

Conference Hall 7
Conference Hall 7 is situated on the first floor between the Tower and the Amphitheater. It is a spacious projection theatre with seats for 150 delegates in tiered rows and 70 at tables. Public address, tape and portable interpretation facilities can be provided, together with 16mm projection equipment.

Conference Hall 8
This conference hall is conveniently located on the lower ground floor with an executive setting. It is square in shape and can accommodate 300 delegates in rows and 250 at tables. It has six interpreters’ booths with simultaneous wireless interpretation, public address equipment, microphone and tape recording facilities.

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