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Safaris in Kenya, Holiday Vacations in Kenya, Adventure Travel in East Africa

Some 583 000 kilometers square, bisected by the equator, inhabited by over 40 different tribes, and populated by the most numerous and varied wildlife in the world, Kenya is the 'Cradle of Mankind' and a land of spectacular contrast. From the pre-historic splendour of the Rift Valley to the beautiful beaches of the Indian Ocean, from the cultural hub of Nairobi to the game-parks of Tsavo and the Masai Mara, this vast country is a traveler's heaven. Kenya. In Hemingway's words, " Unknowable, unimaginable, unbelievable." And completely unforgettable.

Excursions in Nairobi

Kenya enjoys a warm tropical climate because of its position astride the equator. However despite this proximity to the equator its very cool on the highlands where altitudes reach up to over 17, 000ft in Mount Kenya. Other cool areas include Nairobi, the capital city; The Highlands of the Rift Valley and Western Kenya. The places where temperatures reach over 33 degrees Celsius are the Coastal strip including Mombasa, Malindi and Lamu; Northern Kenya and the Turkana region and the North Eastern province. In most parts of the country the long rains start in March and continue through to June/July. Other places such as Western Kenya and Nyanza have short rains in September to November and possibly through to December. The best times to visit the country is therefore the Summer Holidays, July to September and the Winter Breaks - namely December to February.

Kenya has a myriad attractions for the traveler and these include wonderful beaches with unending white sands that end in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean with its rich history of seafarers. Among the most popular activities in the country, apart from beach holidays and water sports, is wildlife viewing in the famous game sanctuaries of the Maasai Mara (renowned for its annual migration of the wildebeest), Amboseli National Park, Samburu Game Sanctuary and Tsavo National Park. Other game watching activities take place in Lake Nakuru Park, Shimba Hills, Taita Hills Conservancy, Ruma National Park and Meru Game Park. Apart from Wildlife Safaris we have trekking in the Tsavo Game Park and Shimba Hills, hiking to the snow covered peaks of Mount Kenya, boating in Lake Naivasha, birding in Lake Nakuru and the Greater Rift Valley. Other safari adventures in Kenya include Honeymoon Safaris, Water Rafting, Fishing, Cultural Immersions, Conference Tours, Slum Tours, Pro Poor Tourism and Philanthropy Safaris.

Lake Victoria Courtesy in Kenya Cultural Dancers

Some of the Kenya Tours and Safaris Available at Victoria Safaris

Kenya Budget Safaris

Kenya is a perfect destination for the backpacker as there are well developed budget travel establishments including campsites even in the major cities of Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu. All the public game parks have designated campsites within or at the periferies offering basic amenities at reasonale rates. Below are a number of these tours cartegorized by duration: -

Longer Camping Tours in Kenya

Kenya Luxury Safaris

For over one hundred years traveler have visited the East African country that is now called Kenya. In the early days these travelers were basically hunters and adventurers and their activities left this country poorer as they depilated the wildlife that used to roam freely across the country. Today Kenya recognises the natural heritage that is in its wildlife and bio diversity and appropriate resources have been put aside to safe guard this National Heritage. Investor have been encouraged to build hotels and resorts in the natural reserves and thgis has resulted in numerous luxury and upmarket accommodation for the tourist. Victoria Safarids offers a wide range of upmarket and luxury travel itineraries and below are some of these exclusive safaris: -

Kenya Beach Safaris

With some of the best beaches in Eastern Africa, Kenya Safaris would be incomplete without a visit to the beach with its warm waters that are just off the coastal coral reef. The white sands, the warm tropical climate, the azure waters of the Indian Ocean all add to the attraction of this favorite beach holiday site. Follow the links below to view the itineraries available for the beach lover.

Kenya Cultural Tours

Kenya is a land that plays host to over 42 tribes, each with diverse traditions and cultures. The traveler to this beautiful country therefore has an excellent opportunity to interact with the Maasai and the Samburu with their rich culture; the Luo and the Abaluyia of Western Kenya with their captivating customs and traditions including bull fighting and boating competitions in Lake Victoria; the Miji Kenda at the Kenya Coast and their nine affiliate tribes - renown for their Kaya Forests and the traditions that are carried out in these coastal forests. The following are some of the Kenya Cultural itineraries available at Victoria Safaris: -

Ecotourism/Culture around Lake Victoria

Western Kenya Adventures

Western Kenya is the upcoming tourist attraction. Apart from being the home to the father of US President Barack Hussein Obama a factor that has created a windfall for Kogelo Village and the surrounding regions as hundreds of visitors trek to the homeBarack Hussein ObamaSr. This region of Kenya has for years been ignored except for the intrepid traveler who has reigned in this veritable paradise that hosts the largest feshwater lake in Africa, spots hundreds of small islands that are rarely visited and yet are home to hundreds of avifauna and boosts of one of the richest areas in cultural diversity. Some exclusive establishments have sprung up and Victoria Safaris offers tours to these wonderful destinations.

Kenya Special Interest Tours

Victoria Safaris has specialized in Niche Travel itineraries that encompasses a wide variety of off-the-beaten track tours and safaris that include Solo Woman Travel, White Water Rafting, Sports Tourism, Cruise Tours, Cultural Safaris, Beach Holidays, Mountain Climbing trips on the highest mountains in Africa, Flying Holidays, Chopper Safaris, Gorilla Tracking Tours, Birding Tours, Home Stays, Agritourism, Aquaculture Safaris, Slum Tours, Educational and Study Tours, Charity Safaris Filming and Photography Tours, Disability Travel, Health Tours, Transit Tours and Church/Mission Tours among many other unique itineraries.

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