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Kenya Game Reserves and National Parks

Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania have, collectively one of the highest land areas under wildlife conservation and they have invested a large sum of money in ensuring the this heritage is safe guarded for their countries prosperity.

In visiting these three countries you are assured of seeing one of the last places on earth where wildlife roam freely and intermingle with the local people.


MAASAI MARA: Kenya’s finest Game Reserve and a great opportunity to view the big five (lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and cheetah). The annual migration of wild beast and zebras from the Serengeti National Park in Northern Tanzania provide the highlight between June and August. In the remainder of the year the Park is still rich in wildlife having the greatest density of wildlife per square kilometer in Kenya

SAMBURU AND SHABA NATIONAL RESERVE: These National Game Reserves are situated in the northern part of Kenya, on the fringes of the hot and sparsely populated dry region. The attract a different range of wildlife species unique to the area, among which are the gerenuk, the beisa's oryx, the reticulated giraffe, the blue legged ostrich and the grevy's zebra.

ABERDARE NATIONAL PARK: Center for Kenya’s forest lodges (tree hotels) including the world famous Tree Tops. Night game viewing is available for those whose interests include the nocturnal wildlife and the many mountain animals are seen from the comfort of the balcony as the come to drink from the nearby salt lick.

GREAT RIFT VALLEY (LAKES NAKURU, BARINGO, BOGORIA, NAIVASHA, MAGADI AND CHERENGANI HILLS, HELL’S GATE NATIONAL PARK) Thousands of flamingos visit the lakes seasonally. Excellent for those in search of bird-life (An Ornithologists’ paradise). Lakes also attract a large variety of wildlife, water birds and predators.

AMBOSELI NATIONAL PARK: The Mighty Kilimanjaro forms a beautiful backdrop. Amboseli Game Sanctuary is famous for elephants, buffalos and birds.

TSAVO NATIONAL PARK: One of the largest game parks in the world surrounded by the beautiful Chyulu hills and the Pare mountains. Mzima springs, a natural and clear watering point is great for game viewing. Tsavo is also famous for its large number of elephants among other species of the animal kingdom.

KAKAMEGA FOREST: An Ornithologist’s paradise - here you can find about three hundred species of birds, some of which are unique to this part of the country. A natural and ancient forest excellent for game or botanical walks.

MOUNT ELGON NATIONAL PARK: This unspoiled national park is famous for caves, game viewing and hiking. Situated on Kenya /Uganda border, the highest peak on Kenyan side (Koitobos) is about 4,200 meters high. Kitum cave (place of ceremonies) extents 200 meters into the mountain. At night animals go in to feed on the rich salt deposits. An unforgettable sight is of the elephants licking away at the salt walls in these caves.

NDERE ISLAND NATIONAL PARK (Meeting Place): This place is where Mikaye (the mother of Luo) rested after her long journey, before she found shelter on this island close to the rock that goes by her name. Ndere Island is also home to a large population of crocodiles, swamp antelopes and birds. Fishing can also be done nearby. Situated in northern part of Lake Victoria near Kisumu, Ndere Island National Park can only be accessed by boat.

RUMA NATIONAL PARK: This rarely visited national park is home to a number of Kenyan animals and birds. Famous for Roan antelopes (hippopotamus equines ) which are an endangered species of antelopes.

MOUNT KENYA NATIONAL PARK: Surrounded by 130,000 acres of forest reserve. Visible from the mountain top on a clear day are Mount Kilimanjaro to the south, Mount Elgon to the west, Marissa Mountain to the north and the Indian ocean to the east. Hiking, climbing and game viewing for rare mountain wildlife can be done here.

LAKE TURKANA NATIONAL PARK: Situated on Ethiopia /Kenya border. Africa’s longest Rift Valley lake. The Great Rift Valley is a symbolic relic of the massive upheavals in the earth’s crust some 10 million years ago which opened the world’s largest geological divide stretching over 3,500 miles from Danilil depression at Ethiopia’s northern Red Sea coast line to Mozambique. Turkana has the largest number of crocodiles in the world - more then 10,000. A number of pre-historic human fossils have been found here including the Australopithecus.

Zebra in the Park
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