Medical Tourism in Africa


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Health tourism is attracting tourists in great deal. The term includes spa and gym, Naturopathy, Yoga, Meditation and many other mental and physical exercises and treatments that are beneficial for health and rejuvenation.

Working out at a gym
Karen Hospital, Nairobi

This is a new concept of tourism in East Africa. With the introduction of Spa and Various gyms in the countries of East Africa, health tourism is growing by the day for both domestic and foreign tourists. In Kenya tourists visit the famous Chale Island to have their bodies covered with special mud which is quite medicinal for the skin complexion. we can make arrangement for this tour of Chale Island. Medical or Health tourism has become a common form of vacationing, and covers a broad spectrum of medical services. It mixes leisure, fun and relaxation together with wellness and healthcare. At Victoria Safaris, the idea of the health holiday is to offer our clients an opportunity to get away from their daily routine and come into a different relaxing surrounding. They can enjoy being close to the beach, wildlife and the mountains. At the same time they are able to receive an orientation that will help them improve their life in terms of health and general well being. It is like rejuvenation and clean up process on all levels - physical, mental and emotional.

Kenya is rich in herbal medicinal treatment, for those who want to have a taste of the same as in research or actual treatment with herbal medicine can be rest assured that Victoria Safaris will organize an appropriate activity.


Medical tourism in Africa
This is a tour of those who need medical treatment in various medical institutions in Africa. South Africa leads in this category of tourism with Kenya creeping in steadily with the development of the new medical facilities which include the Karen hospital which is owned and run by heart transplant barons in Kenya - Mr. & Mrs. Dr Gikonyo. The refurbishment of the Kenyatta National hospital and equipping of the same hospital with the state of the art hospital equipment has made Kenya a health medical tourist country. Heart transplant to kidney replacement are being done in Kenya easily. Kenya no longer sends its citizens outside the country for medical treatment since the country is self contained in medical treatment in all sectors. This in mind, many visitors come to Kenya for specialized treatment as they do in South Africa.

In Uganda, Mulago hospital is the referral hospital. It has specialized doctors and medical equipment just as The Kenyatta National Hospital and South Africa. Kenyans living around Lake Victoria prefer to go to Mulago hospital for specialized treatment due to the distance from western Kenya to Nairobi for treatment at the Kenyatta National hospital. Victoria Safaris organizes the bookings and arrangement for treatment in various medical institutions in Kenya and East Africa at large.


Herbal Medicine Tourism in Africa
This is the oldest style of medication in Africa before the Whiteman came to Africa with the so called modern medicine. In East Africa, the practice of herbal medicine is still ripe and alive with some medical complications, after failing to be cured by modern medicine, is cured by herbal treatment. This in mind, the Kenya government is registering and licensing genuine herbalists to practice alongside the trained modern medical doctors in various both government and private hospitals. With the indigenous forests being preserved, the likes of Kakamega forests, the Kenyan herbalist has a granary of herbal medicinal leaves, backs and roots to resource from. In Uganda , we have the Kabira forest which duplicates the Kenyan Kakamega forest and Mount Kilimanjaro forest in Tanzania. Other medicinal plants are widely sourced all over East Africa, these include the Aloe Vera, which is virtually growing in nearly all parts of Kenya. Kenyan herbalists have formed associations which will spearhead for the Herbal Medicine Practitioners to be Registered and licensed and their concoctions tested in government laboratories to ascertain their medicinal ingredients and effectiveness. East Africa is a resource for those outside there who are interested in Herbal Medicine and Research material.

Victoria safaris is at your liberty to source, book and transport you to various herbalists for treatment, consultation and research work into herbal medicine.


HIV and Aids Tourism in Africa
Africa has its share of HIV and Aids effects. Every minute an individual in Africa dies of HIV and Aids. It is a mistake if we do not have an itinerary which would take you to the affected and infected in sub Saharan Africa. We take you to East Africa where the effect of this pandemic has its own share of effects in the livelihood of individuals in East African poor citizens in its cities and rural regions.

HIV Aids Tourism in Kenya
In Kenya HIV/Aids has a devastating effect on the coasts of Lake Victoria, the Nyalenda Slum, the Manyatta and Obunga slums in Kisumu not to mention the Kibera slum, which is the largest slum in sub Saharan Africa, the Mukuru Kayaba slum , the famous Mathare and the Korokocho slums of Nairobi. A tour of the infected and the affected in these regions can be tailor made by us at Victoria Safaris. We also arrange visits to HIV and AIDS Orphaned children’s' homes in the above regions.
We also arrange medical camps and transport for both Medical personnel and equipment into the remote rural set up in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Nobel Peace Prize winner for the year 2004 , Professor Wangari Maathai, said the following on HIV and Aids

Professor Wangari Mathai

“No one can underestimate the challenge that the tragedy of HIV/AIDS puts before all countries. Nowhere has the devastation been greater than in sub-Saharan Africa. Methods to alleviate the suffering and, hopefully, find a cure require our full commitment. For too long, discussing HIV/AIDS in our communities has been taboo. This must end. We must encourage free and full public debate on the threat. We must be frank about how the HIV virus spreads through unprotected sex or intravenous drug use, and how poverty and inequality between women and men are the major driving forces of the pandemic in Africa. We must also increase access to information, care and treatment. In this decisive and difficult struggle in Africa we need the critical encouragement, support and cooperation from the rest of world so that we win the battle.”

Victoria safaris organizes safaris and tours to:-

  • The infected (patients) in rural and urban homes, the hospitalized and home based patients.
  • The affected which include the Orphans and Orphan children homes, the aged men and women(grand fathers and the grand mothers) who take care of the little ones(HIV and Aids Orphans).

The areas which contribute to HIV and Aids are:-

  • The beaches along the coast of Kenya,
  • The beaches on Lake Victoria and
  • The Kenyan slum areas.