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Self Drive Tours And Safaris In Africa,Self Drive Safaris In Kenya, Self Drive Tours In East Africa, Students Researching in Kenya Self Drive, Self Drive Safaris In Uganda, Self Drive Safaris in Tanzania, Self Drive Adventures in Africa, DIY Safaris in Kenya

Self Drive Tours And Safaris In Africa

Since tourism is quite dynamic, most of our visitors prefer driving themselves into the various wildlife sanctuaries without the help of a tour guide but instead having the map for guidance. This is a new package which is being started by Victoria safaris to cater for those individuals who would want to go into private arrangements for self drive into the wildlife sanctuaries.

Victoria Safaris provides four wheel drive (Sports Utility Vehicles - SUVs) and saloon cars for those clients who would want to go for their private adventure without the assistance of a tour guide. We provide a detailed itinerary for day to day travel plus a detailed map which shows all directions, lodges and camp sites and also provide telephone mobile phones for any emergency while we stand by for cover in the eventually of a difficulty with our clients wherever they are while on safari.

Self Drive Tours And Safaris In East Africa

East Africa is the bed rock for wildlife safaris thus, the name “safaris” originated from East Africa. Victoria safaris provide self drive vehicles to our clients who would want to go for self drive adventure into the wilderness of massive wildlife. The countries in which we provide self drive vehicles in East Africa include Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. These are Land cruisers, four by four Rav 4, Land Rover and Suzuki vehicles which can move from one place to the other without being stuck in the mud. Customize your Self Drive Adventure in East Africa with us.

Self Drive Safaris In Kenya

Kenya is the backbone of massive wildlife in various National parks. Since there is a lot of peace politically in Kenya, visitors do opt for trips on their own using self drive cars and 4x4 vehicles. The Maasai Mara trips are very common for such an adventure not to mention Lake Nakuru, Amboseli, Tsavo, Mount Kenya, Samburu and Lake Baringo National parks. Others travel up to Lake Victoria for fishing and boating not to mention visits to Ruma National park. It is quite adventurous for clients to drive on their own on the right hand side of the road although some have come from countries where they drive from the left hand side of the road.

Students Researching in Kenya – Self Drive

We urge those students doing research purposes and those individuals who would want to have fun the likes of flash packers, honeymooners, mountain climbers and lastly researchers who are within the country for longer period to book their self drive vehicles with us.

Our past experience, which led to us creating this package, is when a student from the USA doing research for his PHD papers in bush and rock hyrax in Kenya visited us for a period of one month traversing the entire country looking for the location of bush and rock hyraxes, behavior and livelihood of the same. He arrived with his wife and we provided him with a Rav 4 (a 4x4) motor vehicle for the entire month..

We encourage researchers who are in the country for educational purposes and work to customize their self drive adventures with us in Kenya.

Self Drive Safaris In Uganda

Uganda is famous for birding, water rafting at the source of Lake Victoria, Mount Elgon and Mount Rwenzori climbing, not to mention Gorilla tracking in Bwindi and Mgahinga Impenetrable National parks. In view of this most of our clients prefer starting their journeys and safaris from Entebbe and Kampala city to various places mentioned above where they use self drive 4x4 vehicles. Victoria safaris organizes 4x4 vehicles, maps for directions, lodges and tented camp bookings, Gorilla and Chimpanzee permits and provide cover in the eventuality of a difficultly during our clients adventure trips on their own. We also provide cell phones for contact purposes in Uganda to allow clients to communicate with us at ease. We urge those individuals who would want to self drive themselves to customize their trips with us.

Self Drive Safaris in Tanzania

Tanzania is the backbone of wildlife adventure in East Africa, the remaining massive wildlife in Africa is based in North and Central Tanzania. Most of our clients usually prefer driving on their own to the various National parks in Northern Tanzania which includes; Serengeti, Ngorongoro crater, Lake Manyara, Tarangire National parks, Sealous National park, Mikumu National Park, Ruaha National Park, Udzungwa National park and others which are placed in various parts of Tanzania. The trips starts from Arusha town for those willing to self drive themselves to the Northern National Parks of Tanzania. For those willing to self drive themselves to the Southern parts of Tanzania start their trips from Dar es Salaam.

Victoria safaris provides detailed day to day itineraries, 4x4 Land cruisers and Land Rovers which are a mandatory in Northern and Southern Tanzania National Parks, telephones ( mobile ), camping equipment and a cover from various cities for emergency calls and attention just incase our visitors have problems while on their self drive adventure trips.

Victoria safaris welcome those adventurers’ individuals who would want to self drive themselves for safaris and tours in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania to customize their trips with u

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