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(East Africa Domestic tourism, Kenya Domestic tourism, East Africa Community domestic Tourism, Domestic tourism Packages, Lake Victoria Domestic Tourism Adventure, Maasai Mara Domestic Tourism, East Africa Coast Domestic Tourism, Kenya Beaches Domestic Tourism)

Domestic Tourism in Kenya
Accommodation in the Parks

Domestic Tourism in East Africa
Domestic Tourism is gaining momentum in East Africa. The hotel industry has several packages for residents of Kenya ,Uganda and Tanzania. These packages include the Flight fees, Airport transfers, Hotel accommodations and sometimes All inclusive trip package. These packages are encouraged during Low seasons when hotel occupancies are low.

It is not a wonder to mention that many Kenyans do not Know the availability of tourism destinations in Kenya. This applies to the neighboring countries of Uganda and Tanzania. Take a sample of Ten (10) Kenya executives and ask them who amongst them have been to a game park, you will be surprised to learn that half (50%) of then have never seen an Elephant alive. Most Kenyans assume that the cost of tourism is so high that it is cheaper driving to the Rural homestead than to the coast of Mombasa or the Lodge in Maasai Mara for a weekend retreat, and that it is the white person who should go for a holiday in the various hotels and lodges in the wild and the coast.

We at Victoria Safaris encourage various Multi-national companies, government departments, parastatals, individuals and NGO’s to finance tours for their executives and family to the game parks and to the coastal hotels and Lodges where we have subsidized contract rates for accommodation and conference facilities. Africans should know Africa better than the white person from outside Africa, the latter being the case presently.

East Africa Community Domestic Tourism
Domestic Tourism is Tourism of resident visitors within the economic territory of the country of reference. The domestic tourism that we are involved cover the five countries of East Africa; Kenya, Uganda, Ruanda, Burundi and Tanzania. With the re creation of the East Africa Community, Domestic tourism covers the five countries as one united body under one umbrella-The East Africa Community Domestic Tourism.

Inter - Country Domestic Tourism
It is important to for all the residents of the East Africa community to tour and travel all over the entire countries within the East Africa community in order to witness and experience the wealth in Tourism Industry East Africa community is habouring.Ease of travel to and from each countries is being addressed by each individual state and sooner all later inter-state travel arrangements would be a bygone obstacle to domestic tourism in the region.

Victoria Safaris are ready to plan your domestic tourism within East Africa. Please use our customized Booking form to customize your Domestic tourism within East Africa.


Domestic Tourism in Kenya
Victoria Safaris in conjunction with various hotels, lodges and camps is offering incentive Domestic Tour Packages to individuals, Families, corporate, Government and parastatal organizations. when you arrange for a holiday, Whether you are going on a tour either as an individual, family, group of friends or with colleagues at work, you will now affordably spend a holiday anywhere in Kenya or within East Africa community.

It is in Kenya where you can witness safari vehicles en route every day all year round. whatever your heart desires, Kenya has all that a visitor would want to see and do from the beautiful shores of Lake Victoria and its welcoming Luo cultural Community, the big game safaris and now the New 7th wonder of the world - The Maasai Mara with its Annual Migration of the wildebeest, the pristine beaches along the Kenyan coast and the beautiful snow-capped mount Kenya under the equator line, lastly is the cultural and community ecotourism experience. Many residents of Kenya deserve domestic tourism which covers: -

The Kenya wildlife Safari, Kenya scenic safari, Kenya cultural and community safari, Kenya Eco tourism safari, Kenya beach safari, Kenya Adventure safari, Kenya Sports safari, Retreats and incentive Tourism, Kenya Agro tourism safari, Kenya specialized safari and lastly is the Kenya Business safari.

These domestic tourism packages are offered to the following;

Individual & Group Travel
This group of domestic tourists consists of single (solo) men and women, Married couples and students who would want a retreat far away from their normal living environment. Newly married couples are urged to spend their honeymoon adventure on a domestic tourist holiday site such as the beaches of Lake Victoria, the Mombasa coast and the wildlife game lodges.

Kiboko Bay, Kisumu
Motorcross at Kasarani

Family Domestic Tourism
This targets the family members of Kenya who want to discover Kenya. The rush for rural home holiday travel is slowly ending as many family members are visiting the tourist sites such as the Maasai Mara, the Mombasa beach hotels, the Lake Victoria towns are visited by various non - Luo communities who want to see the Lake Victoria and to have a taste of fishing and boat rides on the lake.

Corporate Domestic and Incentive Tourism
Institutions and corporate bodies in Kenya are encouraging their management teams, senior staff members and employees to join the domestic tourism sector by paying holiday packages for senior staff and their family members, the best performers such as the best salesman of the year and his family, the best employee of the year and family, the best department staff members of the year and their family members. Retreats and Incentive Tourism is the most preferred tours for the corporate sector in that they take their workshops far away in the tourists sites from the normal office environment. This increases the domestic tourism docket. Victoria Safaris participates in the bookings and transport to these venues.

Educational and Study Domestic Tourism
Educational institutions arrange student tours per semester to various tourist sites. These include the Wildlife tours by the wildlife clubs, the agricultural shows, the Scouts and the girl guides clubs, university research students, wildlife and tourism clubs, etc. Victoria Safaris participate in these programmes by transporting the students to various sites.

Special Interests Groups Domestic Tourism
These groups include the disabled, the women, single mothers, women groups, the Ngo staff and their families, the newly married and any other groups with special interests who would save their money for a safari or a tour to the wilderness or lake Victoria region or any of the tourists sites. Coast is famous for most Kenyans while we also have the virgin western Kenya tourist circuit.

Victoria Safaris will tailor make your tours and safaris, thus encouraging domestic tourism.

Domestic tourism Packages in Kenya

Vi Payment ViElectron Master Pay America Pay Jb Car
The International Ecotourism Society
Ecotourism Society of Kenya Kenya Association of Tour Operators, Kato Magical Kenya
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